You have probably noticed the new look on your twitter profile. Now allowing each account to attach a larger header image and a resized avatar image. Time for a little maintenance!

Start here: New Twitter Profile Pages. As you can see in the featured image, Ford as really utilized the header image to be visually appealing and to draw you in.

Header Photo (1500 pixels wide x 500 pixels high, 5MB maximum)

This is the main image across the top of the screen. Twitter recommends 1500×500 pixels but the header photo will always blow-up to be screen-wide, which means a 1500×500 image can look pretty lousy on a 27-inch monitor unless it’s saved at a very high resolution. So start with 1500 x 500 and if the image doesn’t display to your standards, increase the size to 3000 x 1000 and make sure the resolution is at 300. Note: stay under 5MB.

Need ideas? Browse a few here!

Profile Photo/Avatar (400×400 minimum, 2MB maximum)

Twitter recommends a 400×400 minimum here, and the image should be a square (although you can crop during the upload).

The profile photo scales down to 200×200 on your profile page, gets even smaller in timelines, and blows up to full size when somebody clicks on it, so make sure your image looks clear at all scales.

Background Image (no longer needed)

Twitter has phased out the background image, so don’t worry about creating a nice poster sized background for your brand!

Have fun with your new profiles! Start designing….