In last weeks post we discussed the importance of a great foundation for your WordPress website. This week we’re going to discuss some fixes / tricks that can improve your site further!

1.) A crucial part to any WP site are the plugins, they are offer many customizations and tools that enhance our sites. But you also have to be careful to install the right plugins! P3 is a diagnostic plugin that lets you see the effects each plugin has on your site. These days a very popular integration is social media, great to have but can take time to load your feed, etc. A simple fix is to cut out the live feed and have buttons that connect you to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

2.) Images are a must for any website but we need to be careful of the file size that’s getting uploaded. WP will reduce the images size and keep your speed up! Always make sure to reduce down your photos before uploading as a precautionary measure.

3.) Pingbacks and trackbacks are features that WordPress uses to alert other blogs but can have a big effect on speed. You are better off to disable these in the Settings > Discussion area.

4.) Compressing your website can have a huge effect on the overall size of files. GZIP is a method similar to preforming a ZIP in your computer. After you install GZIP, the browser will automatically unzip the necessary files for that visitor and no one will ever know the difference.

There many more effective tools to implement that can improve your load time. For the more advanced users, contact us and we can help you get these going as well.