Utilizing title tags in WordPress is one of the most important first steps when launching a new website. Things to consider:

  • Targeted Keywords
  • Website Subjects
  • Targeted Demographics
  • Topic of Content
  • and many more!


Preparation is key when launching a new website with a specific focus in mind. You will need to research your target market and the keywords being used. Your findings will be used throughout the site to optimize your title tags, meta tags, link titles, image titles and most importantly the content that brings your website to life!


Let’s discuss title tags and what makes them so important. Your title tag is the line of text that appears in the blue link of a search result listing and the title of each page on your site. WordPress automatically sets your title tag of a post in a breadcrumb preceded by the title of the website and archive. There are a few problems with this: first, “archive” appears in the title tag, second, the title of the website appears before the title of your individual post. We’ll discuss below how to turn this title around and result in: Blog Title – Website Title.



You want a short and catchy title tag to draw in visitors that are seeing your title in search results! The most important element when creating a title tag is that it pertains to your overall SEO strategy and it fits into a used keyword phrase by your potential audience.



Depending on what framework / theme your site is using, you might be able to utilize their SEO portion to designate your title along with your keywords and meta description. If you are not able to utilize this area, we recommend installing a plugin to provide the layout. We prefer WordPress SEO by Yoast to organize your titles, etc.  There are a few useful features inside this plugin that allow you to fill in target keywords and the SEO plugin will provide feedback on your title tag as well as the meta description. The title tag for this post will be “Utilizing WordPress Title Tags for SEO – Denver WordPress.”  Remember to always be thinking about your target audience and what keywords they might use to find your post.