Let’s start with a few stats of WordPress usage:

  • 74.6 Million Sites Depend on WordPress
  • 37 Million WordPress Related Searches per month
  • 40 Translations of WordPress
  • 22% of New U.S. Registered Domains Run on WordPress
  • 29,000 WordPress Plugins to date
  • 46 Million Downloads of WordPress.org (Hosted on Unique Domains)

Now that you see how powerful WordPress is, lets go through a handful of benefits of using the open source platform.

  • Save Money – Now you can self manage your website without needing to hire a developer/designer to update a team member or make content changes.
  • Design – WP has endless opportunities for every business type and the specific design to fit their needs. Need a clean corporate look or a slick ecommerce store, our team can design up whatever you have in mind.
  • Accessibility – Make changes from anywhere in the world, simply login to your admin dashboard.
  • Communications – Due to the fact that there’s no need to wait for your designer to make changes, your customers can see live news/updates right away!
  • Go Social – Integration of your website/blog with your social networks has never been easy. Simply post content in one place and it gets updated on all sites.
  • SEO – The development of the WP platform is designed in a way to keep the simplistic structure so search engines can index your site quickly!
  • Growth – Many Fortune 1000 companies use WP to power their websites. Just starting out? WordPress can grow with your business, simply add pages and users.
  • Learning Curve – WordPress is a user friendly CMS (Content Management System) that our team can easily train your staff in a few hours and away you go.
  • Blog – Blogs are a must these days and with WordPress you can have a very powerful Corporate or Mom & Pop website with the blogging platform built right in!

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